director: Hana Novakova


Moose, the last misunderstood animal on the planet. Human, the top of the food chain. When a moose meets a human one of them is transformed, usually - well, always - it is the human. We decided to follow this animal on its journey because we believe it has a message to be conveyed to all the people in the world. It is a mirror of humans. We started in the Czech Republic and ended up in Canada. During this Moose odyssea we met characters in Russia, Norway, or Sweden and the common thing for all of them is the Transformation of people through their encounters with Moose. We might also transform during our journey, but mainly, we want to give the Moose chance to change the world through our film.


director: Kateřina Traburová


Film letter from the author's year-long residence in Norway. A short film, a mysterious drama combining real people and events with Norwegian mythology and author's ideas. The question is what is reality and what is a dream?

Tommy is worried, we find him by the lake. In the moonlight he witnesses a strange apparition, a drowning woman, and fires on the surface. The omniscient presence of waterfall noise. Is that a memory? Later, Tommy meets a mysterious man in the local bar where he spends with the other regulars every night, sometimes even the day. Tommy knows everybody here, it's not a big city, but not this man. Their conversation is ambiguous, but the result is drastic.


director: RRRR+A


It is not easy to truly love someone in our modern world when most of the time we don't even know what love really is. RRRR+A is working on an audiovisual prayer for love, through which she hopes to understand the secret of love and comprehend herself as well as her partner Tomas Klein.



2015, short film by Tomáš Klein & Tomáš Merta

festivals: Cinéfondation – La Sélection of IFF Cannes,


When Milan’s wife leaves him and takes their son with her, he steals the last memory of a happy family - their retriever Goldy. Goldy becomes his guide to his life, mind and soul. A pack of wild dogs together with Goldy are running through Milan’s mind and bring him back to his family.


'We congratulate you to this beautiful and original movie, which by its dreamy and mysterious line goes beyond the common narrative approaches' Dimitra Karya, Artistic Director of the Selection (Cinéfondation – La Sélection, Cannes film festival)


2017, feature documentary about Jan Němec from Jan Němec, Tomáš Klein as the 2nd director


'The film has the Wolf in the title, the wild creature, cunning, uncontrollable. The wolf in lamb's dress and vice versa. You will see the crimes' spots, authentic dialogue, author's commentary, archives, and counterfeits. What is going on in the movie has really happened and JJ has lived it. Though, of course, he sometimes exaggerates it a bit.'


2015, documentary by Tomáš Klein & Tomáš Merta

awards: best document at FAMUFEST 2015, best camera at Ostrava Kamera Oko


Digital hipster Oskar penetrates into the world of fanatic, analog-loving, projectors. The penetration though is not smooth and it seems that sometimes even life is in stake. A documentary devoted to the disappearing world of 70mm film and the last mohicans who still today do not hesitate to lift the analog film strip discs, in the sweat of their faces, to feed them to the greedy analog machines.


2010, Tomáše Klein's short etud from the 1st year at FAMU


A small girl, in the background of a decaying family, creates her own space in an abandoned car instead of skepticism. Her world is filled with childish curiosity and a natural desire to communicate with everything that is happening around her.




A short film about Mr. Rousek whose wife has just died and who now only wanders around his apartment, opens the cabinets and locks himself at home.


2009, přijímačkový film Tomáše Kleina na FAMU.

“Vzrušení i zklamání mladého muže ve výtahu.”