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We are a COLLECTIVE of the authors,

We are directors, animators, producers and scriptwriters,

We are a young label founded in 2012 in Prague,


We create on our own, but we support projects of the younger generation too.

We are interested in everything that is different, that stands out; what is new formally and in terms of content; what is sincere and courageous.

We move on a scale from experimental video, through animation to documentary and feature film.

Our projects are diverse, but they all have something in common - IMAGINATION that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy, reality and dream.

We desire to capture what is indescribable, magical, metaphysical in life, and bring it to the widest possible audience in a way that will succeed in the international context as well.

Tomáš Klein

Student of film directing at FAMU. His student films have been screened worldwide and his short film Retriever premiered in the Cinéfondation section of the Cannes Film Festival. He worked as the second director on The Wolf from the Royal Vineyard Street, which he later finished after legendary Jan Němec passed away. The film was awarded with the Special Jury Award in the main competition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and will soon be presented at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Creative Team

Kateřina Traburová
As a student of the Production Department at FAMU she has produced several student films as well as cultural events (permanent exhibition at the Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media, etc.) Among the most successful student productions is the short film The Collision by Šimon Štefanides nominated for BAFTA Awards 2017 and Czech Student Lion Award 2017, which was also screened at several international festivals (Bejing Film Academy, Pula IFF, etc.). She also regularly works with the documentarist Francesco Montagner, whose film In the Name of Allah she is now developing together with Nutprodukce company. Still during her studies she started functioning as a Junior Producer in the film company Xova Film s.r.o. where she has gained experiences with feature documentary films‘ development process. Both as a producer and author she was selected with her projects for international workshops such as Midpoint Script Development Lab, EURODOC, or Ex Oriente Film.
animator/ artist
Soňa Jelínková (1988) who hides under this pseudonym is an extraterrestrial and an honorary exception not only in the context of Czech art. She is a spiritual animator. An animated film, in her view, teaches the audience to re-perceive myths. A world without pathos is a world without desire and the world without desire is a world without love, and the world without love is a world condemned to perdition. This is obvious not only from her films and drawings, but also from her bachelor work devoted to spiritual animation, with which she completed her BC at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín in 2010. Even before Sona graduated from the Art and Sign High School in Ostrava. Later she studied at the Animation Dpt. at FAMU in Prague and then moved to the Department of Audiovisual Studies (CAS). She is currently working on completing the triptych The Prayer.
Hana Nováková
Studied Indian languages at Faculty of Arts, where she obtained her PhD. in Ethnozoology, and later Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU in Prague. She works as a movie director of ecological broadcasting Nedej se (translated into English "Hold your own!") in the Czech Television; as a movie director, she often cooperates also with Czech Academy of Science. In both her research and films, she mainly deals with the topics of estrangement of people from the environment, wildlife protection, neocolonialism, language; usually using a genre of written or filmed blackhumorous essays. She lived and studied several years abroad (France, India), did her research of the tribes and rhinoceros in Indian federal state Assam and obtained several scholarships and schooling elsewhere (USA, Israel, Amsterdam, Vienna).
Tomáš Merta


Barbora Námerová

As a dramaturgist she worked with GURUFILM on the Retriever movie (Tomáš Klein and Tomáš Merta, 2014). Her debut script became Spina film (Tereza Nvotová, 2016), which premiered at the IFF Rotterdam in the Bright Future section and after participated in many international festivals and received several awards. Barbora was nominated for the Czech Film Critics Award and the Czech Lion. She is currently working on the screenplay for the second feature film called Svetlonoc. After successful completion of the Master's program at FAMU, she plans to do the doctor studies and obtain her PhD. In addition to the film, Barbora worked for two years on theater management for clients of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital. In the alternative space of the beautiful industrial building of and old laundrery, two successful authors' performances were created Unrest and Last Case of Detective Konecnik, for which Tomas Klein and Tomas Merta with the team again made a short film and a video clip. In the Alta Studio she also introduced her theatrical debut, Sión (Peter Gonda), in which she also performed.

Our Clients

Adam Martinec
He studies directing at Prague's FAMU. He doesn't collect much success with his first short films, but he is not giving up. He closely associates his work with the DP David Hofmann. As an author, he is signed, for example, under the video clips of Priessnitz and Jananas. Among other things, he is a day-laborer for TV Nova, Pink Production, Master Film, or Loom on the Moon. He was an assistant director at the documentary film Understanding the Context about the famous Czech New Wave DP Jaroslav Kučera.




Kateřina Traburová
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Tomáš Klein
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Hana Nováková

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Soňa Jelínková

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Adam Martinec

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